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Alfred “Sandy” Reynolds IMG_1065

Chief Instructor


Alfred “Sandy” Reynolds has been flight instructing and given pilot exams for the last 40 years. His flight experience is +22,000 hours. As Chief Flight Instructor he conducts stage checks, as well as introductory lessons, and regular flight instruction.

Mike Dorr mike2

Assistant Chief Instructor

Ratings: CFI, CFII, ATP, Seaplane

Mike has been flying since 1994 and is an active commercial pilot with 8500+ flight hours in aircraft from Cessna 152s to Jetstream 32 Airliners. “I enjoy bringing my everyday Airline Transport Pilot experience to the instructing environment”. Mike has instructed in Florida for a Part 141 flight school and is Airlink’s Assistant Chief Instructor.

Matt Sylvester matt-lrg1

Assistant Chief Instructor

Ratings: CFI, CFII, CPL, Seaplane

Matt has been flying since 1999 and has accumulated 1000+ flight hours in many aircraft including Seaplanes. “I enjoy taking our Seaplane into remote lakes to scope out new fishing spots”. Matt graduated from Bridgewater State University with a B.S. in Aviation and has been instructing for Airlink since 2008. Matt is currently getting his Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic’s License.

Mark Rolfe, MD mark2

Aviation Medical Examiner, Flight Instructor

Ratings: CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP, Seaplane

Mark has been flying since 2001 and accumulated 1000+ flight hours from aerobatic aircraft to DeHavilland Twin – Otter skydive aircraft. “I like the interface between the magic of flight, science and people”. Mark holds a MD from the University of Vermont and brings valuable experience as an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). Besides flight instructing for Airlink – Mark may be scheduled to do your aviation medical exam right here at the airport.

Doug Manter Canon_2077

Flight Instructor

Ratings: CFI, CFII, MEI, CPL

Doug has been an instructor since 1995 and accumulated 2500+ flight hours. Doug’s specialty is Seaplane flying. If you are getting your Seaplane Rating with Airlink – you will probably fly with Doug and discover remote beaches from the air whilst learning to fly a Cessna 172 Seaplane. Doug has a Masters Degree in Engineering.

Shawn Gibson

Coordinator of Veteran Affairs

Shawn is Airlink’s Coordinator of Veteran Affairs Programs and holds a Private Pilot certificate with 100+ hours experience. Shawn is a MSgt in the Maine Air National Guard and has helped get Airlink approved for VA training under the GI Bill (Chapter 30 and 33 of Title 38, U.S. Code). Shawn graduated from Thomas College with an MBA.


photo 2photo 4

1984 Cessna 152

Engine Manufacturer: Avco Lycoming
Engine Model Number: O-235-L2C
Horsepower: 115 BHP at 2700 RPM.
Total Usable Fuel: 37.5 gallons
Oil Capacity:
Total: 6 Quarts
Seats: 2
Takeoff Weight: 1650 lbs
Cruise Speed: 75% power 104 knots
Rate: $ 120.00 per hour

 1983 Cessna 172PEngine Manufacturer: Avco Lycoming
Engine Model Number: O-320-D2J
Horsepower: 160 BHP at 2700 RPM.
Total Usable Fuel: 50.0 gallons
Oil Capacity:
Total: 8 Quarts
Seats: 4
Takeoff Weight: 2400 lbs
Cruise Speed: 75% power 120 knots
Rate: $ 145.00 per hour


1972 Piper 34 Seneca

Engine Model: Lycoming IO–360 C1E6, 200hp
Fuel Capacity: 100 Gallons
Seats: 6
Takeoff Weight: 4,200lbs
Cruise Speed: 145 kts
Rate: $ 650.00 Per Hour Instruction

1984 Cessna 172RG

Engine Manufacturer: Lycoming

Engine Model Number: O-360-F1A6

Horsepower Rating: 180 HP

Fuel Capacity – Total Usable: 62 gallons

Seats: 4
Takeoff Weight: 2650 lbs
Garmin 430 GPS
Rate: $ 195.00 per hour



Aircraft Training Device

Rate: $ 60.00 Per Hour Solo —

$ 55.00 Instructor




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